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La Table Servie

la Table mise



モチーフとしたジョセフ・ニセフォール・ニエプスの「La Table Servie1 ( la Table mise)2」は写真が発明された最初期に撮影されたものだが

この「La Table Servie ( la Table mise)」に、デバイスを介して画像のみから媒体を自動生成(3D写真・フォトグラメトリ・3Dプリント)することで、写真から画像へと変換されていった歴史を含む原板の実体を再製作する。

La table servie*1 (la table mise*2), where the original plate has been lost, is automatically generated from images only via a device using 3D photographic technology.

By automatically generating the medium from the image only through a device using 3D photographic technology, we create the substance of another original plate that contains the history converted from photograph to image.

​※1 Laboratoire de Chimie Physique UPS/CNRS Orsay-FRANCE「 Main results obtained by J.L.Marignier in the reconstruction of the photographic processes invented by Nicéphore Niépce (1765 - 1833) 1992 to 2004 PHYSAUTOTYPE Identification of the image called "La Table Servie" as a physautotype made by Niepce in 1832 - 1833 
• 1995 : Discovery in the travel diary of James David Forbes (Scotland) in 1839 that he was a witness of the image called " La table servie" which he saw in the hands of the son of Niépce, Isidore Niépce in Paris. This testimony leads to attribute without no doubt this image to Niepce. And a careful analysis led to conclude that this picture was taken using the physautotype process.
• 2003 : Discovery of another witness of the image of " La table servie", the russian academician Joseph Hamel.
• 2004 : reconstitution of the " Table servie" in Niépce's garden at Saint-Loup-de-Varennes by the physautotype process.」
<> 閲覧日:2021.06.02
※2 Roland Barthes.1980.La chambre Note sur la photographie.CAHIES DUCIÉMA GALLIMARD SEUIL.「Niepce devant la Table mise, par exemple」.p135


The images used in this work are in the public domain, so there are no copyright issues.

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